Determining the Cost of Quilting
(There is a 50$ minimum fee)

Batting by Warm and Natural - 15$ per yard
80% cotton and 20% polyester batting
100% cotton batting
Thread by Superior Threads - 10$ per quilt
I use OMNI-V Thread. If I do not have the color to match your tread I will be happy to order it for you. View Thread Colors Here
Custom Quilting Pattern - 14$-18$
If I do not have the perfect quilting pattern to suit your quilt I will find the perfect fit.
Customers are free to browse Pattern Cloud by Gammill
Binding - Example Displayed below
I provide both hand binding and machine binding as requested
Ironing - 10$ per quilt
I always press quilt tops and backing prior to loading it onto the longarm. I only request the pieces are pressed nicely prior to being dropped off for longarming.
Piecing Backing - Varies
I will piece backing from 44" wide fabric if requested. I do require at least 6 inches of backing on either side of the quilt top and batting. This allows for space should the quilt top shift or move while quilting.
Additional Costs
Customers will be notified if any additinal costs are incured
Contact Lori for Questions
Calculate Binding Costs
(Quilt Size Example: 60in x 60in)
Length Doubled = 120in
Width Doubled = 120in
Total Running Inches 120in+120in = 240in
Total Running Feet 240in/12 = 20in
Binding Cost 20inx2.5 = 50$
Pricing is subject to change if needed